Charting Features


Our preferred product issuer’s platform provides you with one of the best range of charts in the trading industry. It also includes a host of features to support your analysis, including multiple chart types, over 80 technical indicators and drawing tools, pattern recognition and a chart forum community.

Range of chart types

The charting package of the ‘Next Generation’ platform includes ten different chart types, including the popular line, OHLC and candlestick charts, plus more advanced charts such as kagi, line break and renko charts.


Over 20 drawing tools

All charts come with 24 drawing tools that can be used to draw support and resistance levels, make notes on charts and highlight key price moves and patterns.

Technical indicators

Identify trend reversals, significant price levels and trading opportunities. Choose from 75 technical indicators including Bollinger Bands®, SMAs, ichimoku clouds, MACD, RSI and many more.

Extensive price history

Charts for our major products cover as much as 20 years' worth of price history, allowing you to analyse price performance over the long-term and short-term.

Numerous chart intervals

You can quickly switch between chart intervals, which range from one second through to one month.

Customisable charts

The ‘Next Generation platform provides you with layouts, charts and technical indicators that are all customisable, offering you the ability to set up your charts and technical analysis exactly as you like.

Compare price action

Identify correlated products by dragging and dropping one or more products on to another product's open chart to compare their performance over the same timeframe.

Save default chart layouts

Once you've customised a chart, save the setup as default so each time you load a new chart the same preferences are applied to it

Trade from charts

Open trades directly from charts as opportunities emerge – just click on a live streaming price to open an order ticket and place a trade.


Available on every chart when logged in to your live account, our pattern recognition tool allows you to search for common technical chart and candle patterns, providing a price projection.

Pattern recognition

Let the pattern recognition tool scan for common technical patterns, such as head and shoulders, triangles and wedges, on any open chart across various time intervals, and view the price projection target area on the chart.

Price Projection box

When completed patterns are generated, a price projection box is created using classical technical analysis measuring techniques to highlight where the price action could go.